August 23-24, 2016 – Louisiana Fishing Trip Report

Tuesday and Wednesday I took some customers out Louisiana Redfishing for my good friend Capt. Ross Barkhurst. On day 1 we tried to start off fishing keeper sized redfish, but just could not get on a good bite. We caught a few, but it was reel slow. Thankfully, the big bull redfish were around like they typically are this time of year and we salvaged the day by getting on a late bite of these. On day 2, I asked them what they wanted to do, and the reply was, “Catch fish”. No Problem. It was on fire from the first stop, with triples and doubles for 3-4 hours straight, before we go ran off by some bad weather. If you want to get into this type of action, now is the time. We will continue to catch these big bull redfish for the next several months.