August 20, 2015 – Louisiana Fishing Report​s

Last Friday-Saturday I had Mr. Tom Price and his son John down with me in Venice for a Louisiana Fishing Trip. When I spoke to Mr. Tom on Thursday afternoon, I asked him what their expectations were for the fishing trip and he said all they wanted to do was relax and catch a few. That’s what fishing is all about to me. With that in mind, on Day 1 I decided to head to one of the many areas where the big #redfish hang out this time of year. Even though there was a big storm impeding our progress first thing in the morning, it stayed far enough away that it did not mess up the water too much and the big Bulls were right where I though they’d be. My guys did some good work on some big reds and even managed to hook a few sharks that pulled/broke off before tearing up our light tackle. Once the action slowed a bit, we ran inside and caught a few keepers for the guys dinner that night. On Day 2, the wind shifted and the storms kept us off of the area that we fished on Day 1. No worries, we just adjusted our plan and found some more big redfish in another area, the guys were not keeping fish this day, so we threw back everything they caught. After another good day we headed in ahead of some approaching rain. Thanks again guys and I look forward to fishing with you again in the future. We still have some prime dates available if you want to get in on some of the action. Go for more information.