About Captain Shane Mayfield

Having been born and raised locally in the coastal community of Port Sulphur, Louisiana, Capt. Shane Mayfield has spent the better portion of his life fishing the maze of marshes and bayous that dominate the landscape of Southeast Louisiana.

Captain Shane Mayfield Professional Louisiana Fishing Guide. As a small boy he would paddle his “pirogue” deep into the marsh in search of fish and often not return home until the sun was setting on the horizon. “I don’t think there was anything I’d rather do than Fish!”

It was in his senior year of high school that he started guiding clients as a summer job, and he continued to do so while attending college at Louisiana State University. After receiving a B.S. degree in Environmental Systems Management, he went on to work for a small consulting firm while continuing to guide clients on his days off. After only a short time with the firm, he decided that his love for the outdoors, and more specifically for fishing, far outweighed his desire to climb the corporate ladder, so he traded his coat and tie for shorts and sandals.

For over 20+ years, Capt. Mayfield has been a full time guide in Southeast Louisiana and during this time he has help thousands of clients take thousands of fish on rod and reel. “Any good guide will tell you that the hard part is not being able to guide clients to the fish when the conditions are perfect; the hard part is finding the fish when the conditions are less than favorable. I believe that my local knowledge of the fishery and how the coastal geography has changed over the years gives me a distinct advantage when it comes to putting clients on fish day in and day out. No offense to other guides, but growing up in an area and guiding here year round does have its benefits!” Capt. Mayfield can be considered a master craftsman when it comes to practicing his trade as a fishing guide in Louisiana. Captain Shane Mayfield Professional Louisiana Fishing Guide.

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